The Scorch Trials – James Dashner

I said I was keen to read the rest of the Maze Runner quadrilogy, I do not lie.

This is the second of four books (the final one a prequel, I’ll get to that in a few weeks I’m sure) and I am currently hoping my local public book lending facility can keep up with me in ordering in these books. Turns out these are pretty popular items and I keep having to pay 50p and reserve a copy from another library. Of course not many people read as quickly as I do or are as bored and unemployed as I am.

So yes, book review!

Not wishing to give away plot spoilers for those who have not read Maze Runner or Scorch Trials, I would advise strongly not to read this just in case. If you have read it then please do comment away at the bottom if you feel you have something more to add!

Plot wise: Thomas, Teresa and the other Gladers have been ‘rescued’, taken to a dorm and fed pizza and given beds to sleep in. Then all hell breaks loose all over again as they are forced into the second set of ‘trials’ to gain access and insight into a disease called The Flare. Taken to a place nicknamed The Scorch, the teens must fight their way through bloody tests and deranged adults to get to ‘Safe Haven’.

The second book is much more exciting than the first (imho) because it keeps a pace and tension that is slightly fraught all the way to a reasonably explosive end. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough because I HAD to know what was going to happen to Thomas and Minho and Newt, if they would all survive, and what the feck was gonna happen with Thomas’s increasingly complex teenage love life.

The characters, having been built up nice and slowly in the first novel, are more developed here – though I would have liked more Newt if I’m honest. (This may or may not have something to do with Thomas Brodie Sangster playing him in the movie of TMR, I just think he’s cool.) They are faced with so much more confusion, death, violence and general instability in this book, you really come to admire each and every one.

Thomas, hate to admit it, not my favourite character. I mean I get that he is totally confused, lost, and badly hurt by everything going on but I am failing in having too much sympathy. Especially with regards to Teresa. (Again potentially because she is being played by Kaya Scodelario in TMR, watch Skins to know how f-ing cool she can be.)

I have so many questions and no answers at this point to anything. I am generally useless at guessing outcomes but I wish I had a little more to go on. The introduction of Brenda kinda pissed me off, like she is another test that Thomas is failing, but that may be due to my girl power solidarity with Teresa. I don’t know. I’m all jumbly and perhaps it was a bad idea to review the book mid-trilogy.

Answers are needed soon, just gotta hope my library doesn’t take too long in getting the final book for me.

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